Billingham Hadley Pro


Billingham has been hand making fishing bags in England since 1973. In 1978 they transitioned to making camera bags after Mr. Billingham, a photographer himself, learned that photographers were using his fishing bags in New York. 

I have been using the Billingham Hadley Pro for a little while now as my day bag and I am really pleased with it. I was looking for a bag that could carry a small camera setup along with an iPad. I wanted something slim and without noisy velcro. There are plenty of bags out there with velcro silencers but I prefer the adjustable leather quick release straps on the Hadley Pro. Like most bags it has dividers that can be adjusted to suit your gear. The insert can be removed and now you have a messenger  bag.

The Hadley Pro is a premium bag that is not cheap and no it will not improve your photography but there’s no doubt that it is a quality camera bag that will last for years. Billingham