This is Finley we had plans to shoot out doors yesterday but it was wet and rainy with poor light so we decided to take it inside. I took a bare speedlite gelled with a cto and placed the light outside of the window to create artificial sunlight. I also used a westscott apollo soft box for an easy two light setup.

A ride with Ernesto through Havana

bobozeman-ride-with-ernesto .jpg

We took a ride with Ernesto who is an interesting guy. He and I are the same age born in the same month and he is a proud father of a newborn baby. When he was younger he worked as a model and has lived in Bulgaria and Poland. Ernesto restored his Chevy doing all the work himself including the paint job. Above we are driving by the Ministry of the Interior building. Bellow we are driving towards Revolution Square. It was a good day spent with good company.