Like parting with a good friend

Photo by Bo Bozeman

I have had multiple Pen's and it's amazing how attached  you can become to a camera. Cameras are only tools right? But once you let them go sometimes you wonder should I have held on to that one. That was the feeling I had when I sold my Olympus Pen E-P3 kit. I sold other cameras  as well to help finance my recent upgrade but the Pen is the only one I second guessed letting go, which is a testament to the design of the Olympus Pen series and their great prime lenses.  

Photo taken with the Canon 60D and the Canon 50mm 1.4.



I have been working in Southern Louisiana and it is beautiful here, the people are friendly and dragonflies are everywhere. They are so curious and do not seem to be afraid of much. They will land on you and just look at you with those amazing eyes.

Lensbaby Edge 80 Optic with Macro Converters


The Lensbaby Edge 80 is a flat field of focus 80mm F2.8 optic with a similar design to the Sweet 35. Like the Sweet 35 the Edge 80 has 12 aperture blades but adds a built-in extension tube that you can pull forward for closer shots. The Edge 80 also works well as a regular lens when centered and pointed straight.

I really like what Lensbaby has done with the new designs of their last two optics the Sweet 35 and Edge 80. I'm certainly not missing the drop in aperture rings of their earlier optics. Some say that Lensbaby lenses are gimmicky and I could not disagree more. We all know you can get the similar effects in photoshop but it is so much more satisfying getting it in camera. Lensbaby is on a role and I believe this is their best optic to date. I look forward to seeing what they do next.



Last Sunday


Here are a couple of photos from last Sunday. This family is awesome, from the grandparents to the kids. Thankfully they helped hold my softbox and reflector to keep them from flying down the windy beach.

Lensbaby Composer Pro with Sweet 35 Optic and Macro Converters


The Lensbaby Composer Pro is a welcomed upgrade from the Lensbaby Muse. Not that there is anything wrong with the Muse but you get much more control with the Composer Pro. The build quality of the metal design feels solid, moves smoothly and is easy to lock in place.

The Sweet 35 has 12 aperture blades and an aperture ring on the optic so it’s just a few clicks from f2.8 to f22. This works much better than the manual drop in aperture rings on other Lensbaby optics. I would love to see more optics in their line that used this design. I also purcahsed their new Macro Converter set that comes with one 8mm converter and one 16mm converter that can be stacked to 24mm’s.

I haven’t had this lens long but I have really enjoyed it. I am looking forward to getting familiar with this lens. I know it's easy to get selective focus effects in Photoshop but isn’t it more fun to be shooting rather than editing.

Gordy's Camera Straps

Photo by Bo Bozeman

Here is a photo of my Olympus Pen EPL2 sporting an new camera strap I recently purchased from Gordy’s Camera Straps. I like to have a longer strap and luckily Gordy’s will make them to custom lengths. They have a variety of well made leather wrist and neck straps that are reasonably priced. I love this camera strap and now I have to order a couple more.

Gordy’s Camera Straps

Gordy’s Camera Straps Gallery